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Foreign Exchange - transfer money
buying overseas? get a better deal when you transfer your money

Transfering money overseas at the right time is critical to getting the most local currency you can at the time of transfer. Forex transfers offer you transfers at better rates than most banks will offer you. We have teamed up with SGM-FX to offer you the best rates when making an overseas transfer.

SGM-FX provides foreign exchange services that are tailored to suit you the client.

In order to protect your budget from the volatility of the markets SGM-FX:

  • Minimise currency risk
  • Maximise the value of your investment

HOW? By providing competitive rates of exchange and professional management of currency exposure.

In delivering cost-effective foreign exchange, we can make you a significant saving.

SGM-FX will:

  • Provide you with the best execution & delivery of physical foreign exchange
  • Provide currency dealing services
  • Provide cost effective foreign exchange solutions
  • Provide independent and informed market intelligence
  • Provide you with a dedicated Account Manager
  • Protect your budget
  • Ensure prompt transfer of funds

Our Promise

To provide the most effective foreign exchange dealing service through professional execution and delivery.  We provide our clients with cost-effective foreign exchange solutions.  Your dedicated foreign exchange dealer will understand the needs of your transfer.

Our aim is to assist you in protecting your currency exposure but will always ensure the accurate and prompt transfer of your funds. 

Quite simply, by utilizing our expertise you will have more time to engage yours.

Speak with a dealer and quote, ‘Homes on Sale.’

Tel:                 0044 (0)207 220 1740

All about Foreign Exchange
Prior to end of the Second World War the UK did not effectively have in place any form of foreign currency control regulations.  It didn’t need to – it was a major exporter of foreign exchange (“FX”). 

However, after the Second World War this all changed, the United States had taken over the UK’s place as being the premier foreign currency exporter and strict currency control regulations were needed for a period of almost 35 years (1945 – 1980).  During this period UK banks either could not transacted in FX, or it simply wasn’t profitable to do so.  Consequently, FX trading by UK banks was minimal.
However, all this was to change with the introduction of Thatcherism monetary policies in the early 1980s and suddenly it became extremely profitable for UK banks to be involved in FX transactions.  Consequently branches of UK banks began to offer FX services as wide and varied as simply changing money and notes to far more complex bills of exchange and bills of lading. 

Although still comparatively small, FX is now considered a major revenue earner for domestic UK banks; with different banks offering different services to its customers, some more comprehensive and complex than others.  That said, most high street banks in the UK tend to offer straightforward currency exchange services.

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