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Home > Finance > Loans > Guide to Uk Personal Loans

Guide to UK Personal Loans

loan - get a quote online nowPersonal Loan: Also known as an unsecured loan, is a loan given on faith of payment. Lenders consider unsecured loans risky and this results in their charging higher interest rates. The loan is legally binding, but is not backed by a secondary form of security, but rather your credit worthiness that you’ll make the repayments as promised. If the loan is defaulted upon, the lender has no other methods available for collections other than legal retribution. Unsecured loan is good for people without property to secure the loan, such as a tenant, a young adult without property or someone just trying to establish credit. But unsecured loans have some serious limitations. The lender usually charges a higher interest rate for an unsecured loan, because he assumes a higher amount of risk. An unsecured loan is often harder to get than a secured loan. Banks are offering a variety of options for this type of loan. Line of credit, signature loans, short-term loans, personal loans, student loans, auto loans and various others loans come under unsecured loans.

Banks variations of unsecured loans include: short-term loans, personal loans, student loans, auto loans (in some cases), and various other loans that come under the umbrella of unsecured loans.

You can compare and apply online for UK personal loans here!

Best Buy UK Loans
See below for the latest deals from the UK's top loan providers. These loans are cheap! you will struggle to find a cheaper loan elsewhere. Click on the apply online for a loan today button to apply direct with the loan provider.

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